90 Days or Less to BLISSFUL Success - a private mentorship with Life + Business Strategist, Korynn Elliott

For The mission-driven Woman entrepreneur Who is finally ready For a breakthrough... 

...to the LIFE & Business she's worked so hard for. 

Except she NOW knows that it's NOT about workiNG harder, but smarter, living more, and working less, but better.

Is that you?

Of course it is! So let's get started, shall we?

You've done everything all of those online courses told you to do.

You've followed all of the biggest names in your industry and taken every piece of advice they've posted on social media, subscribed to their newsletters, and watched every one of their webinars about how they did it and how you can too!

You've taken action!

But, somehow, you're not getting any traction. You're spinning your wheels and burning out.

You're feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and you're wondering what in the world is your next step.

But you're determined to make this business thing work! You WILL make it work! (Which is why you haven't given up yet)

You're not only tired of watching everyone else around you succeed at the level you desire, but you also want to have the life that you decided to start a business for in the first place. 

I've got your back!

I know what it's like to go for a looooong time with little results.

After being a part-time life coach for three years, I quit my PhD program cold-turkey and dove head first into the arms of my passion-based business, thinking that I was immediately gonna be home-free!

Instead, I racked up loads of knowledge, a fancy website, business cards (oh yes, I did), certifications, online courses, templates, theories, tools, practices and an email inbox cluttered up with freebies, opt-ins, and newsletters. 

Oh yeah, and a whole lot of limiting beliefs (can't forget about those).

But, guess what I didn't have....

A plan. A roadmap. (Certainly not one that I wanted to stick to at least)

Real, consistent accountability (free Facebook groups just weren't cutting it).

Nor did I have a life. I found myself sitting in front of my computer all day, everyday, instead of sitting on the beach like I thought I would.

I was exhausted. I was stressed. Every free moment I had away from my work was spent trying to recalibrate my energy. I had no time for myself or my family. I lived very little and I "worked" a whole lot.  

But that all changed the moment I had a breakdown. Errrr, I mean breakthrough ;)

I realized that I had been repeating the pattern I had watched my super successful mother go through my whole life. Working hard, with a huge heart, to live up to some other person's idea of what success was - the kind of success that came with terms, expectations of 60+ hour workweeks, and burnout. 


So I got support and accountability from a high-level mentor and created a plan that worked for me.

Now, instead of working all day, everyday, and never having a life, I get to fulfill my mission instead, as well as spend most of my mornings on the beach. (While also totally debunking the myth that it's not possible to get any work done from the beach :) 

I only work 25 hours each week on average and I've been getting better results in my business as well as better results for my clients!

I get to enjoy BLISSFUL success!


*Imagine how it will feel to finally experience the lifestyle you've been wanting this whole time.

Your life. FREEDOM. You know, the "unrealistic" luxuries that people only dream of.

*Imagine being able to actually simplify your business so you can Stop doing more and start working less but better.

More mindful. More focused. Better results. 

*Imagine being able to say that you're fulfilling your mission everyday, and not just "working".

More motivation, inspiration and impact.  

*Imagine being able to work just 25 hours (or less) each week.

Time for self-care. Time for your family and friends. Or, sitting on the beach (why not?)

*imagine creating the income you desire

While still working less, but better!

*And finally, imagine creating a sustainable business that actually excites you and pulls you forward!

Let's map out a 90 day plan that works for YOU and get you there!



You've already got a business. Now it's time to simplify it.

You've already got all the tools. Now it's time to create a detailed plan to use only the right ones.

You've already got the mind. Now it's time to create the right mindset.

You've already got the drive. Now it's time to create some momentum.

You've already got the desire for BLISSFUL SUCCESS. Now it's time to breakthrough and get it!

**Payment plan considered upon application